Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sublime Transcendence - Meet The Group

Name: Sam Boyes
Nickname: Boy-z/Boyzoid
Winning Factor: Pretty kwl guy, dosen't afraid of anything
Favourite bands: The Smashing Pumpkins, Joy Division, Nirvana, 30 Seconds To Mars, letlive.
What he brings to the group: Main idea and concept, best knowledge of horror genre

Name: Conor O'Loughlin
Nickname: Conor "Conor O'Loughlin" O'Loughlin
Winning Factor: He once won the game
Favourite bands: Funeral For a Friend, Avenged Sevenfold, Muse, The Acacia Strain, Periphery
What he brings to the group: Had a very similar idea to Sam, meaning he could suggest ideas too. Best knowledge of musical genre used

Name: Richard McLachlan
Nickname: Cluckie/Cluckles/Thomas/Bruce/Stinky Pete/Dick Von Hugen Rod/Heimdall/Eskimo Joe/Jungle Badman/Guy Dangerous/ Clumsy McBobo/ Fumbles the clown/Ulfric Stormcloak, SEALBANE
Winning Factor: Enjoys clubbing baby seals
Favourite bands: Muse, The Killers, Kasabian
What he brings to the group: Organisation and best knowledge of how to stove a baby seal's head in with an assortment of different weapons and blunt objects.

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